Javier Ramirez

Javier Ramirez

Web developer, daydreamer and all around happy person. Founder of http://teowaki.com

Fun with Ruby and Redis

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All the cool cats are using Redis, and with a reason: It's fast, it's robust, it's easy and it's web scale. Put it together with Ruby and it's fun too!

In this session I will talk about what is redis, what you can do with it, how you can use it from Ruby, why you should be using it already and some common patterns when dealing with it. I will talk about:

  • what REALLY FAST means
  • Redis data structures, and mapping them to Ruby objects
  • queuing slow ruby operations with Resque and Sidekiq
  • using redis for cross-language development
  • atomic counters and generating sequences
  • dealing with temporary data in your application
  • redis as a cache
  • shared sessions (rack-based) with redis
  • how to store relational data in a non relational data store
  • interesting problems when distributing your application. Using Lua scripting for atomic operations
  • reducing your memory footprint via compression