David Padilla

David Padilla

David Padilla is CEO at Crowd Interactive, a leader Ruby on Rails consultancy based in Mexico.

He's usually trying out all the new technologies that come out everyday, and, sometimes, just knowing how to use them is not enough, so, he spends a lot of his free time reading other people's code.

Through his career, he has been devoted to promoting the Ruby on Rails community in Mexico through rails.mx and the organization of the only Ruby conference in the area: Magma Conf.

Web applications with Ruby (not Rails)

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These days, whenever you say that you're building a web application with Ruby, its almost implied that you will be using Rails to do so.

Well, what if you don't want to use Rails? Or Sinatra? Or any other Framework for that matter. What if you just want to roll your own code for routing, controllers, rendering and models?

Join me in this live coding experiment, I promise no slides and a lot of live coding action while we build an application from scratch using nothing but good old fashioned Ruby and a little Rack.