Frequently Asked Questions

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As a mentor for thoughtbot's Prime service, I've provided coaching to over 100 developers.

In my talk, I'll share the questions I'm asked repeatedly, and how I answer them.

This discussion will be targeted at beginner and intermediate developers striving to improve.

Likely discussion includes:

  • What should I do if I inherit an app with no tests?
  • Any advice on how to switch to vim?
  • How does one land her first Rails job?
  • How does one land a better Rails job?
  • How do I conquer the fear of letting others see my code?
  • Am I underpaid?
  • How do I balance integration and isolated tests?
  • How can I make myself stick to TDD when the going gets tough?

Plus, because it's me, we're gonna do some live coding. Take bad code. Make good. Happy times.