Bart van Zon

Bart van Zon

Bart van Zon has been working as a developer at Wirelab Creative for the last couple of years. Currently working as a Ruby developer but with a history as a Flash developer. When needed he'll also pick up IOS, frontend, management, advertising... Actually anything that sounds like fun.

Wirelab Creative turns out to be a company where you get hired if you want to do the fun things. They focus mainly on promotional websites, so lots of games and Facebook apps. Apps where experience and story are key. We've noticed a lot of our competition doesn't focus on the development side of these projects at all so with some diehard developers at Wirelab we have an advantage. However trying to run these promotional (shortlived) projects in a development-type (agile) workflow creates some weird problems.

Numbers, because metrics matter

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When someone asks you what makes your company special, you'll probably say you create something that has beauty, quality and innovation... The problem is, thats what all companies say. You think you are, or want to be better than the rest, but when are you better than the rest? Metrics is everything, without numbers there's no way to tell if you're getting better at what you do, there's no way to tell (and show) if you're better than your competition. But how do you measure the beauty of your designs? The quality of your software? The innovation of your products?