Published on 2010-11-09

As announced during the last Arrrrcamp, we announced the Belgian Ruby / Rails / Radiant / Rum / R ... usergroup revitalization. We promised that we were putting our shoulders to the wheel. We made a couple of decisions, and will stick to these for the first few months. Ultimately, everything can be discussed, but a start must be taken, and some decisions were made.

The first ArrrrUG is a fact, and will take place on November 16 in the offices of Openminds. A first point on the agenda is the schedule of subsequent meetings (location, sponsors). Not too many bells and whistles to start with, we go this fairly basic approach: we get together, there will be drinks available, and there are two short talks. Doors open at 7pm, talks start at 7.30pm
For your calendars: we plan the ArrrrUG every second Tuesday of every month, each time on a different location. Exceptionally, this first meeting takes place at another time (third Tuesday), and the first two meetings and will take place at Openminds. 
Subscribe to the ArrrrUG of November 16th through Fikket. Follow us on twitter at @ArrrrUG. Constructive feedback, and candidate speakers for next week are certainly welcome

Before we set sail for the open sea

Published on 2010-10-31

Ahoy mateys,
Before we set sail for the open sea I would like to thank everybody for coming to ArrrrCamp and making it a cannon-blast.
We hope you all had a great time, just as we did.
The Streamdis crew-members didn't stop working after the event and have put all the Upper Deck talks online. 
Check out the videos and enjoy the talks you've missed.
And now, ... all hand to deck, man the cannons, hoist the sails, raise the anchors, and set course to the open sea! We'll be back, follow us on twitter and check this site to keep up to date on future Arrrrcamp events!

Hoist the sails, man the cannons!

Published on 2010-10-26

The ship is stuffed with goods, the preparations are nearly done, the rum supplies in the in the dockside taverns have depleted... the time to hoist the sails and raise the anchor is drawing near. Three more days, and we will exchange the boredom of our land-life for a trip across the seas of knowledge.

All of you mateys joining the ship, here is some final info.
First of all, we have a schedule. Awfully organized, isn't it? Check it out, mark your favorite talks, ...
Important fact, be on time! The venue opens at 8h30, the first session starts at 9h sharp. The venue is located in the Zebrastraat, in Ghent, find the directions here (either by car, by train or by something else). The conference normally ends at 18h. 
We start with a small breakfast. There is a coffee break after the first keynote, with some fruit snacks (and the remains of the breakfast). At noon, we will provide soup and sandwiches. In the afternoon, there is a break for cocktails and/or coffee. If you want to eat something in the evening, or have a drink together, you're on your own.
Having a matey doubting to come? Don't hesitate too long. Currently, we have 6 ticketsremaining, and then the ship is fully loaded. No exceptions.
We have lighting talks. Got a project you want to present, or want some feedback on something you did? Bring your project with you, hack together two or three slides, and your all set. The lightning slots are 5 minutes each, with 5 minutes Q&A.
Don't waste. Although global warming would expand the seas, allowing us to raid inland cities, we would ask you to finish your sandwich, empty your drink before going for another one. Food, drinks, cocktails and snacks are free through the conference. Remaining untouched food will be distributed to the needing in Ghent. 
And don't forget good mood, moodie people will have walk the plank!

Almost ready to set sail!

Published on 2010-10-04

Good news all!

Our ship sets sail in less then a month! The Captain gathered some of the finest Ruby, Rails and Radiant craftsmen from around the world to join our quest for rubies and other treasure.
While we're busy stocking the ship with all the rum we can, the ticket-sale is coming to an end. With no more than four weeks left, there are less than twenty tickets available.
So don't miss the boat, and buy your tickets today, before we run out!

Our crew is complete

Published on 2010-09-06

Ahoi deckhands!

Raise the anchor! Man the crows nest! Hoist the sails! The crew is complete, we can set sail to October 29th!
Elise Huard, Alain Ravet and Anthony Heukmes joined our quest, with the promise they would lead us to great ruby-treasures. Arrr! They are some of Belgiums best Ruby and Rails developers and we are very happy to have them aboard.
With a complete crew, we can start organizing the day! The schedule page will be filled gradually with the subjects and a short description of the talk. The definitive order of the talks will be decided later this month.
By the way, the ship is getting quite crowded. If you want to join, and you were still hesitating, now is the time to get your ticket.

New speakers

Published on 2010-07-08

Avast ye mateys! Good news, the captain has found some new speakers!

When confronted with my sword and given the choice of walking the plank or giving an interesting Arrrr talk, these speakers are also coming to ArrrrCamp:

  • Sean Cribbs - Former Radiant lead developer
  • Cristi Duma - Man behind RadiantCasts
  • Timothy Payton - Xing developer, Wallsome creator
  • Sebastian Roebke - Xing developer, Wallsome creator
Also take a look at the Speaker page for more information of the speakers, so you know what to talk about when you bump into them.
Our Early Bird tickets are selling like hot cannonballs, and today we sold the last one, so from now on only regular tickets are available, for 55 EUR (VAT inclusive)

Speakers announced, and ticket sale online

Published on 2010-06-25

Ahoy mateys, the captain has news. Big news. News the size of the masts of LeChucks and Jack Sparrows ships combined!

We are taking ArrrrCamp to the next level, as per your own requests. We scouted the bars at the docks, and found some fairly-sober people willing to join our crew. And not just some ordinary deckhands, even your captain feels small and humble knowing that he will set sail together with these mateys...
If all goes well, the next edition of ArrrrCamp will welcome the following speakers:
  • Yehuda Katz - member of the Ruby on Rails core team and the jQuery Core Team, lead developer of the Merb  project, and a core contributor to DataMapper.  
  • Carl Lerche - a software engineer at Engine Yard, a member of the Merb team (currently working on Rails 3), and a contributor to many OSS  projects
  • Drew Neil - creator of the vimcasts, and core contributer to Radiant CMS.
  • Joseph Wilk - member of the Cucumber core team
Alas, mateys, ArrrrCamp #4 cannot be free. Ticket sales start today, at a 3-week early-bird (limited to 50 tickets) sales price of 42 euro. Normal ticket price will be 55 euro per ticket. Book your seat now!
If people are interested in contributing financially to ArrrrCamp, contact the captain to discuss sponsoring opportunities.
The schedule has changed, you have to mark all of friday October 29th in your agenda (and not just the afternoon, as for the previous editions). The venue stays the same: the Zebrastraat meeting center in Ghent - Belgium.
(*) pirating suffered from the recent financial crisis - less dubloons were robbed from the trade ships, blonde virgins didn't sell as well as before, and the price of cannon balls, gunpowder and entering-hooks went sky-rocketing.

Set Sail for the 29th of October

Published on 2010-06-18

As we already announced during the last edition, the next edition of ArrrrCamp will take place the 29th of October, and there will be some big and exciting changes! 

First of all, it will be a whole day, starting around 9 AM and ending with a drink at the bar around 6 PM.
Secondly, as you all requested, we have contacted some foreign Rubyists to come speak. People at the heart of the Rails, Radiant & Ruby community.
Sadly, because of this, we will not be able to keep the conference free, but we are trying to keep the ticket price as low as possible (we're thinking €35 at the moment.).
Keep an eye on this blog for more news!