I'm on a boat

Published on 2012-09-06

Ahoy mateys,

A pirate’s time ashore is carefully limited to the least amount needed, just imagine people would mistake us for just ordinary landrots.

Well, we can’t let that happen, so on Saturday October 6th our captain would like to invite you for a trip on his fleet. Between 10am and 11am we are setting sail to the open waters of Ghent for little boat trip.

If you are pirate enough just book your free seat on our ship. Registrations close one week before the trip, September 29th.

One more reason to stay a little longer.

ArrrrCamp 2012

Published on 2012-04-20

Ahoy mateys!

The captain is back, and I have some announcements to make! As promised, there will be a next Arrrrcamp it will be awesome, and we want you to be present!

First of all, the next Arrrrcamp will span two days. Open up your agenda and mark October 4th and 5thin red (ruby-red if available!). This allows us to run less parallel tracks while getting more slots, and you can attend more sessions. Currently, we plan to run two parallel tracks.

Regular Arrrrcamp-attendants might have noticed that the conference shifted focus a bit the last year(s), and now it is official. While formally the tagline announced that Arrrrcamp focussed on “Ruby, Rails, Radiant and Rum”, we now removed Radiant from the list, allowing other CMS-systems, or applications to step in, and in a whole, we try to cover the whole of web-frontend and backend development with Rails and related technologies (Javascript, websockets…), and Ruby programming, and tools that go with this (version control, logging, IDE’s…). We keep the 4 Rs in the name nonetheless.

Arrrrcamp will take place at the same location as previous years: the Zebrastraat venue in Ghent, Belgium.

Ticket sales start today with a “early parrot” sale: 160 euro per ticket (inc. VAT). These discounted tickets are limited in time and quantity, so get them while they are available.

If you want to join Arrrrcamp as a speaker, we have opened up the Call for Papers. Submit your talk proposal through this link.

Also, we are looking for sponsors to help out – if you want to help us making Arrrrcamp a blast, feel free to get in touch.

Yours truly,

the captain.

ps: get an impression of last years edition

Setting sail for the next edition

Published on 2011-10-24

Ahoy landlubbers!

A little over two weeks have passed since Arrrrcamp. Most of the visitors are back where they belong, and I had a time to sit back and evaluate Arrrrcamp. Looking back is not a common habit in the pirating business, but Arrrrcamp is an exception.

It was good. Even very good. I heard good, constructive comments from visitors, and the speakers were happy to share their wisdom. All me mateys worked together splendidly to make it a fluent operation. I had a good time, and hope you all had too.

Me and the mateys rushed ahead, and decided already that there will be a next Arrrrcamp. No details yet, only the time and place: it will be in Ghent at the beginning of october 2012. I'm open to any suggestions, comments, ... to make the next Arrrrcamp even better, so don't hesitate to send me a message (captain@arrrrcamp.be).

And there is even more news: all the video's are available. I'll add a video button (and maybe a slide button if there are slides available) next to the speakers blog/twitter/github details.

Enjoy! That all for now. Keep in touch with the captain's parrot on Twitter (@arrrrcamp) to be the first to get the details on upcoming details.

Setting sail for some lost island with treasure,
Yours truly,
The Captain.

There is more to Ghent than ArrrrCamp

Published on 2011-09-28


less than two weeks to go, and Arrrrcamp is taking place. Good! Perfect. All is shaping up nicely, and we started all final preparation.
We still have some tickets left, and I would like to take a moment to try and convince some people to attend Arrrrcamp after all. And not for the geek-stuff, but just because you should come to Arrrrcamp, bring your family, and have a good time.

First of all, Ghent is a beautiful city to visit, with plenty of stuff to do for visitors. There are shops, there is art, there are places to visit, the city center is a perfect walking environment... It is not a suprise Ghent was named one of the 10 cities you should visit by Lonely Planet.

Beside the general appeal of the city and surroundings, there are some events taking place the weekend after Arrrrcamp: for the women, there is a shopping evening - all shops in the city center are open till late. On sunday, there is architecture-day.

So, gather your family, book a city trip to Ghent, and combine Arrrrcamp with a short break from your daily routine. You won't regret it, promised!

Treasure hunt schedule

Published on 2011-09-16

A structured life is not what a pirate seeks. Me tends to live not only from day to day, but even from hour t'll hour. No need to know if the end of the day will be full of rum, or women, or treasure, or death. "Que sera, sera" me often utters.

Alas, attendees seem to want to have some structure in the "daily planning". Me first suggestion to '1) empty rum, 2) see what happens' was declined by the wimpy first mate; he said we would attract the wrong kind of treasure hunter.

As all speakers are confirmed, and most of the talk content is known, Me has drawn up a schedule for the day. Generally, we'll stick to the schedule of last year: after a cup of coffee and a short welcome, there will be an opening keynote. Then a coffee break, and two morning sessions. After the lunch, we'll have two afternoon sessions, the (already famous) cocktail break, and then the closing keynote. After this, ye should hunt for some food, and then rejoin me on the boat for the after-party.

Me already puzzled with the talks, and has put the schedule online. Me tried to find a balance on topics through every timeslot. Feel free to share ye thoughts on it...

So, go and check out the schedule right away.

Yer Cap'tain

Thanks for helping out

Published on 2011-09-12

No doubloons, no glory
Even before the start of the conference, I already have to thank a few people and companies. Without sponsoring, it would be impossible to organise a conference like Arrrrcamp, with an acceptable pricing for the attendees, and sufficient funds to get some international speakers to Ghent.
I am equally grateful to all sponsors and partners, each sponsored doubloon is a doubloon which can be spent on making Arrrrcamp beter. I would however like to highlight two of them.
Our platinum sponsor for this Edition is Enterprise-Rails from Germany, the place to be for Rails hosting in Germany, and beyond. Apart from the money, they also sponsor through knowledge-sharing. 
Julian Fischer, CEO at Avarteq, will present a talk about scaling your project. What happens when your site starts to gain traction, when more and more people visit your site, and what impact does this have on your hosting. Scaling the application on the hosting-platform will eventually be needed, and "the cloud" isn't always the best option. Three possible solutions to the scaling-problem will be explained. 
The second contributor to Arrrrcamp which deserves a special mentioning is the city of Ghent. I'm very happy to organize Arrrrcamp in a city with a strong and clear vision on technology and economy, and who values the efforts made by citizens and companies to showcase the city's potential. 
A big thank you to both Enterprise-Rails and the city of Ghent!

More 'bout the speakers

Published on 2011-08-29

Alas mateys, me saw a bottle washin' ashore last week. It were the bad kind of bottle - not filled with rum, only a note scribbl'd on a paper.

Me has to announce that Keavy McMinn can't make it to Arrrrcamp - sad news indeed. Women and boats, apparently, they really don't get along. Me's already hunting for a worthy replacement speaker, and I already have an invite with lady McMinns name on it for next Arrrrcamp.

After a couple of glasses of rum to wash down the bad news, some better tidings sailed in. Me still had a couple of empty speaker slots, and another two confirmation sailed in.

The first fellow goes by the name of Roy Tomeij, and he is a long-time (5+ years) Ruby and Rails lover, and a frontend specialist. Coffeescript, Haml, Sass, and the likes are no strangers to him. He'll give some insight in frontend-thingies with Rails 3.1. And it seems we stole him away from the Fronteers conference in Holland! Arrrr, more treasure for us, less for them, and he was there already last year.

Second up is Elise Huard, well known to the privateers at Arrrrcamp, as she can be descripted as "a regular". No idea what the content of the talk will be, but it will be about Ruby, and it will be good. Me has no doubt about that.

This wraps up the speakers-group, so I'll be making a schedule, and you can expect this to get online in the near future. In the mean time, check out the speakers page to have an impression of the content of Arrrrcamp, and get your ticket while they last...

Keep an eye on this blog and the parrot-thingy for more news to come,

Singin' "hohoho and a bottle of rum",
The Capt'n

Preparing for the weekend after ArrrrCamp

Published on 2011-08-25

Ayeeee! Pirates! Mateys!

Me got news, and I've been biting my lip all month not to squawk like a parrot 'bout it.

The conference will be great, me has no doubt 'bout that. To make it more awesome, me decided to add a moment of babblin' and drinkin'. So me is inviting all of you conference-people to have a party!

Not just any party, but a great party. With the help of the city of Ghent, I got some budget to add a very fine end-event to the conference: free drinks, a nice place, in the city center, and it is on a unique location... this party will be on a ship! I've "chartered" the partyplace called "Le Bateau" in Ghent, so you landrats can show how well waves and drinks go together.

After the conference, there will be time to grab a bite in the city, and then you're all welcome aboard me ship, and join in on real sailor activity!

That's putting the Arrrr in Arrrrcamp, me says.

Those of you wanting to stay a night in Ghent, me has updated the "location" page with some info about Hotel Gravensteen and a link to the Ghent-B&B-website. If it is your first visit to Ghent, take chance to visit the city during the weekend, and what better way to start this with a slight hangover... Me calls this "pirate style".

Ye Capt'n

Party A ship

The more the merrier

Published on 2011-08-18

The more the merrier - even amongst pirates, as long as there is no treasure to be divided, and enough rum to keep the goblets filled.

Anyhow, let's talk business. After more bar-scouting and rum-drinking, I got meself a flock of fellow sailers joining in.

First name to announce is Keavy McMinn. Arrrr, a women, always bad luck on a ship, but we'll be having the conference on land, so she is welcome to join in! She's been touring the conference circuit for a while, and we've asked her to share some inspirational stuff.

"Look at your test suite. Now look at mine..." - A fellow that will fit in nicely with the crew is Corey Haines. Well known as the inventor of "code retreats", and he'll be sharing his wisdom on speeding up testing.

Next up is Lennart Koopmann, joining in to tell us about the management of logfiles. He is joining us from Germany, so it should be done punctual and thoroughly.

Andrew Nesbitt is normally sailing the Thames, but will cross the channel, plunder some coastal cities, and then drop anchor at Arrrrcamp to tell us some things about Arrrr/B testing.

Also, two of the local bucaneers are joining me. Ewout Van Troostenberghe will tell us about Arel, and the treasures it holds for ye.

In order to get drunk, as a pirate, I have to drink rum. In order to get rich, as a citizen, I should not upset pirates. More on this and other behavior driven things by Julien Biezemans.

They will join the other crew members to make this Arrrrcamp a cannonblast. More info on the speakers page!

Yours truly,
ye Captain.

Too much treasure, and how to deal with it!

Published on 2011-07-28


what should I, as a fair and noble pirate captain, do when I had 'received' too much treasure to stow in the treasure deck (apart from getting rid of the useless shipmates to make some spare room)? Certainly not throwing it away, that would make the whole "getting it" useless. Leaving it stashed somewhere isn't an option either, as I hate drawing treasure maps. The better way, and my preferred solution, would be to kindly 'rent' another boat.

Exactly the same goes for Arrrrcamp! Too much treasure! A lot of good speakers, good talks, and too little time. So I rented another room, and now Arrrrcamp is no longer a two-track conference, but a three-track conference.

I decided to do this after it became clear that with all the invitations, I filled most of the schedule with invited speakers, and was left with a lot of good Call-For-Paper-submissions with only a couple of slots left. So now we have a third track, and it is a dedicated CFP track. Sweet!

During the coming weeks, my shipmates will adapt the site to show the full schedule with all the speakers. If you didn't pick up your ticket yet, or if fellow shipmates you know are interested to join, hurry up, there is only a limited amount of rum available...

The Captain