ArrrrCamp 2012

Published on 2012-04-20

Ahoy mateys!

The captain is back, and I have some announcements to make! As promised, there will be a next Arrrrcamp it will be awesome, and we want you to be present!

First of all, the next Arrrrcamp will span two days. Open up your agenda and mark October 4th and 5thin red (ruby-red if available!). This allows us to run less parallel tracks while getting more slots, and you can attend more sessions. Currently, we plan to run two parallel tracks.

Regular Arrrrcamp-attendants might have noticed that the conference shifted focus a bit the last year(s), and now it is official. While formally the tagline announced that Arrrrcamp focussed on “Ruby, Rails, Radiant and Rum”, we now removed Radiant from the list, allowing other CMS-systems, or applications to step in, and in a whole, we try to cover the whole of web-frontend and backend development with Rails and related technologies (Javascript, websockets…), and Ruby programming, and tools that go with this (version control, logging, IDE’s…). We keep the 4 Rs in the name nonetheless.

Arrrrcamp will take place at the same location as previous years: the Zebrastraat venue in Ghent, Belgium.

Ticket sales start today with a “early parrot” sale: 160 euro per ticket (inc. VAT). These discounted tickets are limited in time and quantity, so get them while they are available.

If you want to join Arrrrcamp as a speaker, we have opened up the Call for Papers. Submit your talk proposal through this link.

Also, we are looking for sponsors to help out – if you want to help us making Arrrrcamp a blast, feel free to get in touch.

Yours truly,

the captain.

ps: get an impression of last years edition