Setting sail for the next edition

Published on 2011-10-24

Ahoy landlubbers!

A little over two weeks have passed since Arrrrcamp. Most of the visitors are back where they belong, and I had a time to sit back and evaluate Arrrrcamp. Looking back is not a common habit in the pirating business, but Arrrrcamp is an exception.

It was good. Even very good. I heard good, constructive comments from visitors, and the speakers were happy to share their wisdom. All me mateys worked together splendidly to make it a fluent operation. I had a good time, and hope you all had too.

Me and the mateys rushed ahead, and decided already that there will be a next Arrrrcamp. No details yet, only the time and place: it will be in Ghent at the beginning of october 2012. I'm open to any suggestions, comments, ... to make the next Arrrrcamp even better, so don't hesitate to send me a message (

And there is even more news: all the video's are available. I'll add a video button (and maybe a slide button if there are slides available) next to the speakers blog/twitter/github details.

Enjoy! That all for now. Keep in touch with the captain's parrot on Twitter (@arrrrcamp) to be the first to get the details on upcoming details.

Setting sail for some lost island with treasure,
Yours truly,
The Captain.