Treasure hunt schedule

Published on 2011-09-16

A structured life is not what a pirate seeks. Me tends to live not only from day to day, but even from hour t'll hour. No need to know if the end of the day will be full of rum, or women, or treasure, or death. "Que sera, sera" me often utters.

Alas, attendees seem to want to have some structure in the "daily planning". Me first suggestion to '1) empty rum, 2) see what happens' was declined by the wimpy first mate; he said we would attract the wrong kind of treasure hunter.

As all speakers are confirmed, and most of the talk content is known, Me has drawn up a schedule for the day. Generally, we'll stick to the schedule of last year: after a cup of coffee and a short welcome, there will be an opening keynote. Then a coffee break, and two morning sessions. After the lunch, we'll have two afternoon sessions, the (already famous) cocktail break, and then the closing keynote. After this, ye should hunt for some food, and then rejoin me on the boat for the after-party.

Me already puzzled with the talks, and has put the schedule online. Me tried to find a balance on topics through every timeslot. Feel free to share ye thoughts on it...

So, go and check out the schedule right away.

Yer Cap'tain