Thanks for helping out

Published on 2011-09-12

No doubloons, no glory
Even before the start of the conference, I already have to thank a few people and companies. Without sponsoring, it would be impossible to organise a conference like Arrrrcamp, with an acceptable pricing for the attendees, and sufficient funds to get some international speakers to Ghent.
I am equally grateful to all sponsors and partners, each sponsored doubloon is a doubloon which can be spent on making Arrrrcamp beter. I would however like to highlight two of them.
Our platinum sponsor for this Edition is Enterprise-Rails from Germany, the place to be for Rails hosting in Germany, and beyond. Apart from the money, they also sponsor through knowledge-sharing. 
Julian Fischer, CEO at Avarteq, will present a talk about scaling your project. What happens when your site starts to gain traction, when more and more people visit your site, and what impact does this have on your hosting. Scaling the application on the hosting-platform will eventually be needed, and "the cloud" isn't always the best option. Three possible solutions to the scaling-problem will be explained. 
The second contributor to Arrrrcamp which deserves a special mentioning is the city of Ghent. I'm very happy to organize Arrrrcamp in a city with a strong and clear vision on technology and economy, and who values the efforts made by citizens and companies to showcase the city's potential. 
A big thank you to both Enterprise-Rails and the city of Ghent!