More 'bout the speakers

Published on 2011-08-29

Alas mateys, me saw a bottle washin' ashore last week. It were the bad kind of bottle - not filled with rum, only a note scribbl'd on a paper.

Me has to announce that Keavy McMinn can't make it to Arrrrcamp - sad news indeed. Women and boats, apparently, they really don't get along. Me's already hunting for a worthy replacement speaker, and I already have an invite with lady McMinns name on it for next Arrrrcamp.

After a couple of glasses of rum to wash down the bad news, some better tidings sailed in. Me still had a couple of empty speaker slots, and another two confirmation sailed in.

The first fellow goes by the name of Roy Tomeij, and he is a long-time (5+ years) Ruby and Rails lover, and a frontend specialist. Coffeescript, Haml, Sass, and the likes are no strangers to him. He'll give some insight in frontend-thingies with Rails 3.1. And it seems we stole him away from the Fronteers conference in Holland! Arrrr, more treasure for us, less for them, and he was there already last year.

Second up is Elise Huard, well known to the privateers at Arrrrcamp, as she can be descripted as "a regular". No idea what the content of the talk will be, but it will be about Ruby, and it will be good. Me has no doubt about that.

This wraps up the speakers-group, so I'll be making a schedule, and you can expect this to get online in the near future. In the mean time, check out the speakers page to have an impression of the content of Arrrrcamp, and get your ticket while they last...

Keep an eye on this blog and the parrot-thingy for more news to come,

Singin' "hohoho and a bottle of rum",
The Capt'n