Preparing for the weekend after ArrrrCamp

Published on 2011-08-25

Ayeeee! Pirates! Mateys!

Me got news, and I've been biting my lip all month not to squawk like a parrot 'bout it.

The conference will be great, me has no doubt 'bout that. To make it more awesome, me decided to add a moment of babblin' and drinkin'. So me is inviting all of you conference-people to have a party!

Not just any party, but a great party. With the help of the city of Ghent, I got some budget to add a very fine end-event to the conference: free drinks, a nice place, in the city center, and it is on a unique location... this party will be on a ship! I've "chartered" the partyplace called "Le Bateau" in Ghent, so you landrats can show how well waves and drinks go together.

After the conference, there will be time to grab a bite in the city, and then you're all welcome aboard me ship, and join in on real sailor activity!

That's putting the Arrrr in Arrrrcamp, me says.

Those of you wanting to stay a night in Ghent, me has updated the "location" page with some info about Hotel Gravensteen and a link to the Ghent-B&B-website. If it is your first visit to Ghent, take chance to visit the city during the weekend, and what better way to start this with a slight hangover... Me calls this "pirate style".

Ye Capt'n

Party A ship