The more the merrier

Published on 2011-08-18

The more the merrier - even amongst pirates, as long as there is no treasure to be divided, and enough rum to keep the goblets filled.

Anyhow, let's talk business. After more bar-scouting and rum-drinking, I got meself a flock of fellow sailers joining in.

First name to announce is Keavy McMinn. Arrrr, a women, always bad luck on a ship, but we'll be having the conference on land, so she is welcome to join in! She's been touring the conference circuit for a while, and we've asked her to share some inspirational stuff.

"Look at your test suite. Now look at mine..." - A fellow that will fit in nicely with the crew is Corey Haines. Well known as the inventor of "code retreats", and he'll be sharing his wisdom on speeding up testing.

Next up is Lennart Koopmann, joining in to tell us about the management of logfiles. He is joining us from Germany, so it should be done punctual and thoroughly.

Andrew Nesbitt is normally sailing the Thames, but will cross the channel, plunder some coastal cities, and then drop anchor at Arrrrcamp to tell us some things about Arrrr/B testing.

Also, two of the local bucaneers are joining me. Ewout Van Troostenberghe will tell us about Arel, and the treasures it holds for ye.

In order to get drunk, as a pirate, I have to drink rum. In order to get rich, as a citizen, I should not upset pirates. More on this and other behavior driven things by Julien Biezemans.

They will join the other crew members to make this Arrrrcamp a cannonblast. More info on the speakers page!

Yours truly,
ye Captain.