Too much treasure, and how to deal with it!

Published on 2011-07-28


what should I, as a fair and noble pirate captain, do when I had 'received' too much treasure to stow in the treasure deck (apart from getting rid of the useless shipmates to make some spare room)? Certainly not throwing it away, that would make the whole "getting it" useless. Leaving it stashed somewhere isn't an option either, as I hate drawing treasure maps. The better way, and my preferred solution, would be to kindly 'rent' another boat.

Exactly the same goes for Arrrrcamp! Too much treasure! A lot of good speakers, good talks, and too little time. So I rented another room, and now Arrrrcamp is no longer a two-track conference, but a three-track conference.

I decided to do this after it became clear that with all the invitations, I filled most of the schedule with invited speakers, and was left with a lot of good Call-For-Paper-submissions with only a couple of slots left. So now we have a third track, and it is a dedicated CFP track. Sweet!

During the coming weeks, my shipmates will adapt the site to show the full schedule with all the speakers. If you didn't pick up your ticket yet, or if fellow shipmates you know are interested to join, hurry up, there is only a limited amount of rum available...

The Captain