Hoist the sails, man the cannons!

Published on 2010-10-26

The ship is stuffed with goods, the preparations are nearly done, the rum supplies in the in the dockside taverns have depleted... the time to hoist the sails and raise the anchor is drawing near. Three more days, and we will exchange the boredom of our land-life for a trip across the seas of knowledge.

All of you mateys joining the ship, here is some final info.
First of all, we have a schedule. Awfully organized, isn't it? Check it out, mark your favorite talks, ...
Important fact, be on time! The venue opens at 8h30, the first session starts at 9h sharp. The venue is located in the Zebrastraat, in Ghent, find the directions here (either by car, by train or by something else). The conference normally ends at 18h. 
We start with a small breakfast. There is a coffee break after the first keynote, with some fruit snacks (and the remains of the breakfast). At noon, we will provide soup and sandwiches. In the afternoon, there is a break for cocktails and/or coffee. If you want to eat something in the evening, or have a drink together, you're on your own.
Having a matey doubting to come? Don't hesitate too long. Currently, we have 6 ticketsremaining, and then the ship is fully loaded. No exceptions.
We have lighting talks. Got a project you want to present, or want some feedback on something you did? Bring your project with you, hack together two or three slides, and your all set. The lightning slots are 5 minutes each, with 5 minutes Q&A.
Don't waste. Although global warming would expand the seas, allowing us to raid inland cities, we would ask you to finish your sandwich, empty your drink before going for another one. Food, drinks, cocktails and snacks are free through the conference. Remaining untouched food will be distributed to the needing in Ghent. 
And don't forget good mood, moodie people will have walk the plank!