The ArrrrCamp ship has docked!

Published on 2013-10-07

Arrrr me hearties!

After an amazing couple of days ArrrrCamp has come and gone and we'd like to take a moment to look back at this last edition.

Our sponsors are the people who made this possible in the first place. A big thank you to each and every one of them, as well as our partner the city of ghent. We'd also like to thank the people of confreaks, Cindy and James, for recording all of the talks and Coby for setting this up. The next time you see them, make sure to thank them once again!

Although we couldn't have left the docks without their help, it would mean nothing without a fantastic line-up of speakers. This year we saw a record number of talk proposals being submitted and it showed - we're super proud of the schedule we managed to put together.

But in my opinion the most important part of our little conference is you folks! There's nothing more satisfying than to see people make new friends and reunite with old ones over a coffee or a few drinks. We've heard this on a number of occasions and there's no better compliment than this. Thank you for being an amazing bunch of people!

Lastly we'd like to thank Openminds for an amazing boat party and of course for allowing us to work on ArrrrCamp, as well as GitHub and Zach Holman in particular for organizing a fantastic drinkup on Friday. The drinkup allowed us to meet up one last time during the conference and meet people from the GitHub community in general who maybe did not get to attend ArrrrCamp.

It's time for us to put our pirate hat aside for a while and start planning for next year. If you have feedback for us, good or bad, we'd love to hear about it! See you next year, or at a conference near you.

Yo-ho-ho and fair winds to y'all,

The Cap'n and his crew

Meetups during ArrrrCamp

Published on 2013-09-29

Arrr me mateys,

We just wanted to give you a final heads up about what the cap'n has planned for Wednesday evening, the night before ArrrrCamp.

You're all welcome to join us for some drinks (we have Belgian beers!) and fries at the venue, Zebrastraat 32, from 8pm and onwards. The captain is buying!

Location of the venue

The next morning, Thursday, registration will open at 8am and you can enjoy breakfast until the opening keynote at 9am.

On Thursday evening there's the Openminds Boat Party at Le Bateau, Muinkkaai 1 from 8pm.

Directions from the venue to Le Bateau

On Friday GitHub is throwing a drinkup over at Patrick Foley's and they're even tackling the bar tab. We're welcome to go have a drink from 8:30pm. The address is Recollettenlei 10.

GitHub Meetups blog

Directions from the venue to Patrick Foley's

We will be tweeting this information throughout the conference, make sure to follow @arrrrcamp on Twitter. It's also the easiest way to get in touch during the conference, but feel free to email us as well. Or pull our arm. Obviously. If that doesn't work, here are our telephone numbers:

Hannes: +32 479 37 78 57

Joren: +32 473 43 69 54

As a last resort, you can call the office as well: +32 9 225 82 91

See you soon ye scurvy scum! ;-)

Joren, Hannes & the crew

Announcing the winners for our pull request contest

Published on 2013-08-05

Arrrr ye landlubbers!

It's been a while now since we announced the pull request contest, and we've gotten a good amount of people submitting their open source work to us in order to win free entrance to the next edition of ArrrrCamp.

The lucky people to dig up the chest are Johan Bruning and John Slegers for their work on spree_chimpy and Cascade Framework respectively. We'll get in touch via Twitter or your GitHub email address to handle the details. Congratulations from the crew!

For those of you who weren't as lucky, you can still get your tickets over at

Speaking of contests, we donated a couple conference tickets to the Rails Girls Summer of Code. We're looking forward to welcoming Oana Sipos (@oanasipos) and Victoria Martinez (@VicAMarBar) to Ghent and hear about their experience working on open source for the summer!

October is coming closer and we could not be more excited. Look forward to the full details of the talks by the end of the week!

Pull request competition

Published on 2013-05-08

Us pirates don't like paying for things which is why we love Open Source software. But that doesn't mean we don't want to give back! With that in mind we'd like to give away 2 tickets for the next edition of ArrrrCamp in October.

What it takes to win

Our lawyer advised us not to enslave people to scrub the decks, so instead we're going to hand out the tickets to people who contribute to Open Source. We all appreciate a good pull request, just submit a link to one of yours here and enter a comment if you like. Please make sure your contact info on GitHub is up to date!

If you need some inspiration, check out the arrrrsome CodeTriage. Or you could rig Ruby to return your pull request because this is what we'll use to pick a winner:


There are no limits on the number of pull requests you can submit, as long as they are made between today and the 1st of August. Any Open Source project qualifies.

You have until the 1st of August to submit your entries, we'll announce the winners a week later.

Don't worry if you've already purchased a ticket, we will refund it if you win.

Happy coding, mateys!

Setting our sights on ArrrrCamp 2013

Published on 2013-01-22


Some of you may have noticed that we set the date for the next ArrrrCamp. We're already up to edition 7, which will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October 2013. Keep the date! As always, the X that marks the spot is in the arrrrsome city of Ghent, in the venue we've come to love from the past editions.

The formula will stay the same, there will be parties, rum, some of our famous Belgian beer, but above all great people! We're looking for some great talks, so we're opening our call for papers today.

As usual we'd love to hear any talk ideas about programming, ruby, rails, and all things developers like. Theoretical, practical, or a mix of both - there's room for it all! Don't worry if you're a less experienced speaker, we're more than happy to accommodate anyone who has a great idea. 

For some information about speaking at ArrrrCamp check out this page , but don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything you want to ask. If you want to get an idea of the talks from previous editions, take a look at our videos page.

Of course, we couldn't organize such a great conference without the help of our sponsors. If you'd like to join the amazing companies who helped make ArrrrCamp a reality in the past, please get in touch!

See you then!

The crew

Big thanks to Yammer

Published on 2012-10-02

Yammer is an Enterprise Social Network that enables organizations to make transformative changes quickly by empowering employees to collaborate across departments, geographies, content and business applications.

And the best part of all that is that they are our Platinum sponsor. Which is more than arrrrsome!

If you want to know more about Yammer find one of them at ArrrrCamp, a whole team of them will join my ship. Or go and listen to Yann’s talk about ‘Dealing with Scale at Yammer’.

Important travel info

Published on 2012-09-28

Hi Matey,

I have some slightly bad news you should know about.

Starting October second at 22h, next Tuesday, the national railway holds a 24 hour strike and therefor, not a single train will ride that day. This means that all of you coming by plane or train won’t get to Ghent that easily.

We are looking for alternatives for those who come by plane, or those who come by train from the Netherlands, Germany, France,… But to have a clear idea of the amount of people in need for transportation on the third, we need to know all the details.

So could you please let us know if you’re planned to arrive in Ghent on the third, if you planned to use the train in any way, where you will be stranded and when that will be…

Only then we can see if, and that is a big if, we can do something to help, arrange a shuttle, hijack a bus or any other way. Or in worst case get a bunch of you mateys together at a certain place where you could share a taxi.

So please contact your travel agency or railway company and enquire what they suggest and how far you will get and let us know.

On Monday we will collect all this info and see what we can do to help you get to Ghent.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Hope to see you all next Wednesday or Thursday for an arrrrrsome ArrrrCamp

Your Captain and his crew.

After ArrrrCamp drinkup

Published on 2012-09-25

When you listen to the lightning talks and Katrina at the end of ArrrrCamp with a cocktail in your hand, you don't have to worry it's all over.

On Friday the 5th, after the conference, we would like to invite you all back at the Zebrastraat at 8pm for a Github Drinkup. You should not be wandering in Ghent on your own, just find us, all the speakers and other participants back at the conference bar for a drink and an interesting talk. This with the help of your favorite version control website, Github.

But make sure you get up in time to join us on our boat-trip!


Ye captain loves his fries

Published on 2012-09-17

Ahoi mateys,

Whenever your captain is on dry land, he goes on a quest to find some of Belgium’s finest gold. And he likes to share that with all of his crew. So you’re all welcome to enjoy our fries and beer.

That is why he likes to invite you all at the Venue for a pre-conference gathering on Wednesday evening,October the third. It starts at 7pm at the Zebrastraat. Be there and get to know all the speakers, organisers and other mateys.

No time to be bored during ArrrrCamp

Published on 2012-09-14

No time to be bored at ArrrrCamp.

On the first day, the last pirate ends his talk at 5pm. But that doesn't mean the day is over. You will have plenty of time to get something to eat before Pusher and New Bamboo invites you on their ship for a great night out.

You are all welcome at Le Beateau in the center of Ghent at around 8pm. This is the same location as our afterparty last year, so you know it’s going to be a awesome.

As it is walkable from the centre, it is walkable from most placed to eat and sleep, so no reason not to be there!