First a bit of history

'About Ruby, Rails, Radiant and Rum'

ArrrrCamp started in May 2009 as a free meetup for the Belgian Ruby, Rails and Radiant community. There were a few prepared talks, but most talks were given by the attendees on a voluntary basis using the principle of a 'barcamp'.

After the 4th edition in half as many years, it became clear the event was starting to get too big. There was a demand for invited speakers, and that is when we shifted to hosting ArrrrCamp once per year.

Edition 4 was a one-day event with about 150 attendants, but we managed to grow that into a two-day event throughout the years.



As the name implies, the early editions were mostly about Ruby, Rails and Radiant. As time went by, Radiant became a less prevalent topic, and as such the abbreviation became less used. We still use the name though, and the pirate theme remains in place and we're loving it!

Although we put a lot of energy into finding quality speakers, the community feeling is at least as important for us. We organize some drinkups and parties throughout the conference, and leave enough time for discussion and chatter in between the talks.

What / where?

ArrrrCamp takes place in the beautiful city of Ghent in Belgium. The location is the Zebrastraat conference center, which includes 2 rooms for the talks, a big lounge and of course the necessary internet connection.